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Post Landing Services

Wiser Immigration Global Post Landing ServicesWhen you move to another country, you have a lot of things to consider. Immigrants went through many hurdles from not having anyone to pick them up from the airport, not knowing where to stay, how to get around, where to shop, how to open a bank account, getting their social insurance card and so on. That is where we come in.

We, at Wiser Immigration, are committed to making your move to foreign smooth, safe, and pleasant. We are here providing the best customer service in this industry. Some of our post landing services include:

Welcome Services At The Airport

Our team in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Hong Kong and Germany, if required, can come to the airport and arrange for a place for you to reside.

Guide For Newcomers To Find Housing After Arrival

We can help you find a temporary residence to live until you are prepared to rent or buy a place permanently.

Advise You On The Assessment Of Your Credentials

Credential assessment means getting your educational credentials compared to their foreign equivalents. When you get your educational documents assessed, you will get a written report or letter that describes each of your certificates, diplomas or degrees.

Help You Prepare Your Resume

It has been proven that employers spend no more than 20 seconds glancing over each resume they receive. This makes it very important to have a well-organized resume that presents all your qualifications, work experience, education, achievements and your overall career goal.

Advise You On Opening A Bank Account

Any bank can be a safe place to keep your money and makes it easier to manage. A bank account also helps to give you a credit history, which will be helpful if you need to borrow money or get a credit card.

We Assist In:

  • Job search
  • English language program
  • Tax benefits
  • SIN number application
  • Obtaining photo Id
  • Driving license
  • Health card application
  • Public transport guidance
  • And Much More…….

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