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Australia Parent Visa

Australia Parent VisaParents may be able to immigrate to Australia using a parent visa if their child is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. At Wiser immigration, we lay special emphasis on parent visa as several immigrants armed with this visa are defined for each year. Normally parents of children permanently settled in Australia are offered this visa. An Australian residing child provides sponsorship for such immigrants.

Common Pre-Conditions For Application

To apply for an Australian Parent Visa, a parent must appear and pass a ‘balance of family test’. Sponsors for this visa category should be either:

  • An Australian citizen
  • A permanent resident of Australia
  • An eligible citizen of New Zealand

It may be noted that an applicant immigrating to this country with a Parent Australia visa is not immediately eligible for the age pension. Permanent residents of Australia settled newly need to wait for ten years before being entitled to the Australian age pension.

Contributing Parent Visa

The contributory parent 173 visa is a temporary visa which allows the applicant to live in Australia for two years. This visa cannot be extended or renewed. However, applicants can apply for Contributory Parent subclass 143 within two years of living in Australia on 173 visas if they wish to live permanently in Australia. Australia parent Visa Subclass 864 is for the parents aged over 65 that allows the parents to live permanently in Australia if their child is a permanent resident in Australia. 

Non -Contributing Visa

The parents have the child living in Australia permanently or is an Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen can apply for Australia parent visa program subclass 103 and can live permanently in Australia. On the other hand, Australia parent visa program subclass 804 allows older parents to live with their child/children as an Australian citizen or permanent residence. This visa allows a permanent living feature to aged parent.

If you have any question related to Australia parent visa or ready to apply for parent visa to Australia, we are here for you. Just discuss and your requirements and let us assist in evaluating your parent visa application carefully and let the processing done smoothly. 

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