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What You Should Know About Express Entry Draw?

Express Entry Draw Canada regularly invites skilled and qualified workers through Express Entry Programs. A typical CIC draw happens twice in a month. However, it depends upon the Canadian government’s requirement of skilled workers in the labor market. This means the number of invitations and CRS is decided as per the requirement. Express Entry draws will either be:

  • General, in which, candidates eligible for any federal economic immigration program may be selected based solely on their CRS score; or
  • Program-specific, in which, the government of Canada will select candidates for one of the federal economic immigration programs.

What Factors Influence the CRS Cut-off Score?

  • The number of candidates invited;
  • The frequency of draws;
  • The number of new candidates entering pool; and
  • Changes in the CRS scores of existing candidates.

More number of ITAs can result in a decrease in the CRS score cut-off, as more candidates are pulled from the pool.

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