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Hong Kong Visa 

Hong-Kong-Visa There are about 170 countries whose citizens are visa-exempt when they travel to Hong Kong. And, Wiser Immigration is one of the most trusted immigration services providers that can help you get Hong kong Visa. Most visitors can stay in Hong Kong visa-free for a limited amount of time, ranging from seven days to 180 depending on citizenship. Tourist visas are needed for citizens of certain countries.

Individuals who wish to take up residence in Hong Kong or stay beyond their visa-free limit need to get a visa. Employers can be fined if lack appropriate permits. Those with visas, and over the age of 11, are given a Hong Kong government ID card, which establishes residency and offers access to benefits, such as using the public health-care system.

Major Types Of HK Visa

  • Employment Visa:  In order to obtain an employment visa, companies must sponsor foreign nationals to work for them and apply for employment visas on their employees’ behalf. This type of visa generally takes four-to-six weeks to process. The length of the visa is dependent on the employee’s contract. Visa holders can stay for the duration of their visa, even if their employment is terminated before the visa expiration date.
  • Investment Visa: This visa is geared toward those looking to open a business in Hong Kong. Applicants must submit a detailed two-year business plan and have enough capital to keep the business afloat for the first six months. Businesspeople can also attain this visa as part of the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, where they gain residency in the city.
  • Dependent Visa:  Dependents, which include spouses and children under the age of 18, can move to Hong Kong with an expatriate employee or investor. Dependent applications must be submitted at the same time as the sponsor’s visa paperwork. Dependents are able to live, study and work in Hong Kong. Unmarried partners, including gay couples, are ineligible for dependent visas. They might be able to qualify for a prolonged visitor visa if they can prove they were in a relationship for an extended period before moving to Hong Kong, but these visas are difficult to obtain.
  • Permanent Residency:  After seven years of living in Hong Kong, expatriates can become permanent residents. In order to qualify for permanent residency, foreign nationals need to have stayed in Hong Kong for a continuous seven years. If one travelled for a month outside Hong Kong within seven years, then he or she needs to have resided in Hong Kong for at least seven years and one month. Permanent residents aren’t required to give up their passports or other citizenships.

How To Apply For A Hong Kong Visa

Applying for a Hong Kong visa on your own can be the most difficult task for you. So, Wiser Immigration is here to help you in obtaining the Hong Kong visa in an easier and faster way. Feel free to contact our team of immigration consultants to know more about the HK visa.

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