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New Zealand Dependent Child Migration

New-Zealand-Dependent-Child-MigrationThis category enables dependent children to join their parents in New Zealand. In order to apply under this category, you must show that you meet all policy requirements, and ensure that your sponsor is an eligible sponsor.

The dependent child policy allows children to join their parents in New Zealand. It includes:

  • Applicants may qualify if they are up to 24 years old with no children of their own, single and totally reliant on their parents for financial support.
  • Inter-country adoption – If a New Zealand resident or citizen legally adopts a child overseas, they may apply on his or her behalf.
  • Applicants must meet the character and health requirements.

If your children cannot be included on your visa application, they will need a temporary visa. Normally, this is a student visa or visitor visa. Student visas apply if your children are of school age (primary, intermediate, or secondary) or if they plan to study at university or another post-secondary institution. Children younger than primary school age (including those who will go to nursery school), and older children who do not intend to study will usually apply for a visitor visa.

Eligibility Requirements For Child Migration

The key requirement for your children to come to New Zealand is they must be dependent children. This applies whether they are included on your application or a separate application based on their relationship with you.

If your children don’t meet the above criteria, they must make an application for a visa on their own, i.e. not based on their relationship with you. To know more about New Zealand dependent child migration application filing process, consult our team at Wiser Immigration right away.

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