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New Zealand Permanent Residency

New Zealand Permanent Residency Want to live and work in New Zealand permanently? It means you actually want to earn its Permanent residency. If you intend to travel out of New Zealand after your resident visa travel conditions have expired, you need to apply for a permanent resident visa or a subsequent resident visa to regain your resident status.

Basically, there are two classes of visas for Permanent residency in New Zealand. Your application’s approval somehow depends upon your skills and abilities. These categories are:

  • Skilled Migrant Visas, and
  • Work to Residence Visas

Am I eligible for Permanent Residence?

To be eligible you must have held your resident visa for at least two years, have met any conditions of your Resident Visa, and have shown a commitment to New Zealand by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • You have spent enough time in New Zealand
  • You have New Zealand tax residence status
  • You have invested in New Zealand
  • You have a business in New Zealand
  • You have established a base in New Zealand

If you do not meet one of these conditions, you may still be eligible to extend the travel conditions on your Resident Visa. This would allow you a long time to return to New Zealand as a resident.

Benefits of New Zealand PR

With a New Zealand PR in hand, an applicant can live, work and study in New Zealand freely for an indefinite period of time. It enables an applicant to receive benefits similar to New Zealand citizen. As a PR holder, you’ll be entitled to receive certain New Zealand Permanent Residency benefits like:

It allows you to live and work in New Zealand for an indefinite period of time.
You may avail free healthcare facilities provided by the New Zealand Government.
You may access New Zealand education facilities.

You will be able to come and go to New Zealand as a permanent resident for an indefinite time.

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