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Partner Visa

partner-visaIf you are planning to sponsor your partner to live with you in Canada, Wiser Immigration is here for you. With Partner Visa, we enable partners of New Zealand citizens and residents to apply for residency. In order to apply under this category you must meet all policy requirements, show that you and your New Zealand partner are in a genuine and stable relationship and have been living together for at least the last 12 months.

Your partner must:

  • Meet the minimum requirements for recognition of partnerships and
  • Meet specific character requirements for partners
  • Be an eligible partner under residence family category policy
  • Intend to be in New Zealand for the same period of time as you.
  • Must also meet health requirements.
  • Will also have to meet English language requirements.

You must also show that your relationship meets the minimum requirements for the recognition of a partnership, evidence that your partner is an eligible sponsor and meet all health and character requirements.

To Sponsor a Partner:

  • You must not have supported or sponsored more than one successful applicant previously under the Partner Sponsorship.
  • Has not sponsored another successful applicant under the Partner Sponsorship within the last five years of this application.

Partnership Based Visas

If your partner can’t be included on your visa application, they will usually apply for a partner work or visitor visa. These are temporary visas and are issued for the same duration as yours. If your partner is a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or holder of a work or student visa, you might be eligible for a work visa.

To apply for a partnership based visa, you must:

  • Meet the lodgment requirements
  • Be living together in a genuine and stable relationship with a New Zealand partner.
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Be a bona fide applicant

For more help on getting a visa for your partner, please contact our immigration consultants at Wiser Immigration.

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