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Review And Appeal

review-and-appealEvery visa application is planned and checked thoroughly with the necessary expertise and experience in immigration to avoid visa appeals. Seemingly irrelevant or incorrect detail or omissions on a visa application can lead to a visa being turned down.

Visa applicants should ensure to consult with reputable immigration firms or consultants like Wiser Immigration to prevent the frustration of a visa being turned down. In case, your initial application is refused, although there are risks and costs involved, in most cases visa appeals or reviews of the decision is possible.

Lodge A Visa Appeal If You Have Been

  • Refused a visa
  • Refused an extension of stay
  • Received a notice of deportation
  • Received a notice of removal

In many circumstances where a visa is refused or cancelled, applicants are allowed to appeal to the Department of Border Protection (DIBP) decision.

Alternatives To An Appeal

After reviewing the situation, in some scenarios, it may become apparent that the issue would be better resolved by lodging a further application rather than making a formal appeal. So, advice must be sought promptly after receiving a visa refusal or cancellation notice.

Wiser Immigration Services

Wiser Immigration can discuss the merits of any proposed appeal, prepare submissions in support of your application and manage the appeal process for you, including representation at any associated hearings. Please contact us for advice on how to proceed if you plan on lodging an appeal.

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