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Schengen Migration 

schengen-migration Schengen refers to the EU passport-free zone that covers most of the European countries. It’s the largest free travel area in the world. A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa that allows a person to travel to any members of the Schengen area, per stays up to 90 days for tourism or business purposes. If you are planning to visit Schengen, reach us at Wiser Immigration to apply for Schengen visa.

Schengen Visa Types

  • A Single-Entry Schengen Visa: allows the holder to enter a single Schengen country once. After leaving the country, the visa expires regardless of any other factors, such as time spent on the visa.
  • A Double-Entry Schengen Visa:allows the holder to enter a Schengen country twice but expires once they leave the country for a second time.
  • A Multiple-Entry Schengen Visa: allows the holder to enter into the country which issues you the visa, and then travel freely throughout all Schengen countries until the visa expires.

You need to apply for a Schengen Visa if you intend to visit one or more European countries of this area for the following reasons:

  • Business purposes
  • Visiting friends and fami
  • Tourism and holidays
  • Cultural and sport events
  • Airport transit and transit for seafarers
  • Official visit
  • Medical reasons
  • Short-term study and research purposes.

For more information about Visa requirements and application process, contact us at Wiser Immigration. Our team of visa counsellor will provide you with the right guidance and immigration services.

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