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Skill Assessment

skill-assessmentObtaining a suitable skills assessment is mandatory for some visa subclasses and streams and may be requested for others. You should read all of the available information about the visa you are interested in applying for. This will allow you to determine if you need to submit a skills assessment and when you need to obtain it.

Migrating to a new country takes a lot of work. So, Wiser Immigration is here to help. Explore the helpful information below that will guide you about the skill assessment:

  • Full skills assessment: Points-tested and employer-sponsored visas
  • Provisional assessment: Temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) Graduate workstream
  • Skilled employment assessment: Optional – requires ‘Suitable’ outcome for full skills assessment.

Assessment Criteria

There are three components of the skills assessment to determine suitability:

  • Degree Comparability
    You must qualify as equivalent to at least an Australian bachelor’s degree. The degree requirement for the provisional assessment (subclass 485 visa), requires that you have an Australian bachelor’s degree or 12-unit master’s degree in accounting, business, commerce or economics.
  • Educational Knowledge
    A study that meets the degree comparability requirement will be assessed for relevancy to your chosen occupation. If you have completed an accredited course, you will not need to provide a syllabus.
  • English Proficiency
    The English language proficiency requirement is a mandatory component for all applicants.Wiser Immigration is a leading immigration services provider that has helped several people to get a visa for their desired country. We stand by our clients throughout the process, be it filling an application form, attaching the right documents and skill assessment. Feel free to discuss your visa needs with us.

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